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Summer of Code/GSoC Ideas 2019

76 bytes added, 3 February
Maupiti Island is the sequel of Mortevielle Manor, both released by Lankhor. Both games were best sellers at the time and were games of the year in France. Nevertheless, best sellers of the time were still selling low volumes and Maupiti Island is nowadays pretty rare ans unknown.
The original DOS Partial Pascal sources of Maupiti Island (Atari ST) have been secured recently. They Some utility functions are missing, which were written using a mix of Pascal and assembly. The blitting part of So, the game shares a lot whole harcoded logic is available with Mortevielle Manor and the speech synthesis is not in the scope most of the task, so it utility functions. Some reverse engineering may not be required to reimplement this assembly codeif the equivalent functions in Mortevielle are not working out of the box for the DOS version.
The purpose of this task is to reimplement a Maupiti Island engine for the DOS variants of the game in at least two languages, using Mortevielle Manor and the original sources as documentation.

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