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== Things needed ==
Visual Studio 2008-2019
=== Visual Studio ===
There exists a free Community version of Visual Studio 2015 [ here] that can be used.Professional Visual Studio 2015 versions Studioversions are working fine too.
We do support older versions of Visual Studio too. However, on this page we focus on building ScummVM with Visual Studio 2015. Building ScummVM with older Visual Studio versions 2008 can require additional work not described on this page.
=== Needed Libraries ===
=== Building create_project ===
ScummVM uses a configure/Make based build system. We feature have a tool to generate Visual Studio project files from this build system. The first steep you need to take is building this tool called "create_project".
First, open the solution file "devtools\create_project\msvc14msvc\create_project.sln". Then simply build the solution. The project file should automatically assure that the resulting "create_project.exe" is copied to "dists\msvc14msvc". If not, you will have to copy it yourself.
=== Generating the Project Files ===
Simply run the batch script "dists/msvc14msvc/create_msvc14create_msvc.bat". It will guide you through configuring ScummVM.
'''IMPORTANT''': You will have to re-generate the project files whenever new source files have been added to or removed from the configure/Make based build system. When you add new files to ScummVM, you will ''have'' to add them to the respective "" file to assure ScummVM still builds fine with the configure/Make based build system.
If you followed all the steps, you are now ready to compile ScummVM with Visual Studio. Congratulations!
Simply open the generated solution file in "dists\msvc14msvc\scummvm.sln". Now you can ask it to build the desired configuration. By default it will build a debug configuration which is ideal to hack on ScummVM.
'''IMPORTANT''': You'll need to copy the matching SDL.dll file to a location Windows picks up to run the resulting binary. The easiest way to do this is to place the SDL.dll file in the directory where scummvm.exe is. There are multiple SDL.dll files to choose from, depending on your build configuration. Simply pick the right one from the prebuilt libraries. For example, if you build a Win32 Debug configuration, you will need to use "libs/x86/Debug/SDL.dll".

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