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Welcome to the [[ScummVM]] wiki!
This wiki is mostly intended for [[Developers Bios|Developers]] to document [[SCUMM]] and [[Engines|Other Engines]], and collaborate on various [[current projects]]. There is also a [[Glossary]].and information on [[Compiling_ScummVM|compiling the ScummVM software]]
Further there is a list of pages about ports to a number of different [[Platforms]]. Here the developers can leave specific information about their ports. If you are looking for compatibility lists on the platforms with different engines this is also the place to look.
Please contact [[user:ender|Ender]] or [[user:fingolfin|Fingolfin]] if you want would like an account.
<h3>PLEASE NOTE:</h3> This Wiki was recently upgraded to the latest version of the MediaWiki software. If you notice any problems, please e-mail [[user:ender|Ender]] (at One of the new features of this update is the ability to [[Help:Email_Notification|enable e-mail notification]] when pages on your watchlist are changed. Please see the link for more information.