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→‎Meetup point: Add more walkthrough for first episode
=== Meetup point ===
* Go to entrance of the big white building.
=== Restaurant entrance ===
* Use helmet (to remove it).
* Press green button on the door in the middle of the screen.
* Go to the toilet. You get coins.
* Use coins on slot of the vending machine next to the door.
* Take sweet from the vending machine.
* Repeat the operation until you get a surprise egg from the vending machine.
* Open surprise egg.
* Eat the pills that were inside the egg.
* Try to go upstairs.
* Talk with restaurant staff until he tells you there are lockers in the restroom where you can leave your shoes.
* Press button to open toilet door.
* Go in the toilet. You remove your shoes.
* Go upstairs.
=== Restaurant ===
* Go to empty chair (toward the middle of the screen).
=== Restaurant table ===
* Talk with frog-face Roger Wilco. Ask how long we have until the supernova.
* After Roger asked if you have an idea how we could pass the time, use game of chess with Roger.
* While Roger is busy trying to avid checkmate, take his wallet.
* Use red exit on the map (bottom right of screen).
=== Restaurant ===
* Go downstairs.
=== Restaurant entrance ===
* Leave the building.
* Do whatever you want. After a few minutes doing anything, or just waiting, the supernova will explode. You can even look at Roger's wallet to find his keycard, and use it to go to his spaceship. But make sure you are not in his spaceship when the supernova explodes.
* ...
* Once the supernova gas exploded, everybody leaves the planet, except for Roger who "lost" his keycard.
* Go to Roger.
=== Roger's Spaceship ===
* When Roger's ask if you know where his wallet is, tell him you find it and give it to him.
* He proposes to take you somewhere. Accept. You can choose any destination.
* Cutscene... the spaceship crashes.
* ...
* You wake up in the sleep cabin in your spaceship. This was all a dream.
=== Sleeping cabin ===
* Exit sleeping cabin.
=== Hall ===
* Exit using the bottom right exit on the map.
=== Corridor ===
* Exit through the hatch at the end of the corridor.
=== Airlock ===
* Use space suit, supply unit, and helmet (to put them on).
* Close door on the left.
* Open door on the right.
* Exit.
=== Hold ===
* Go to generator.
=== Generator ===
* Open red hatch on the floor.
* Use rope with ladder.
* Use rope with hatch.
* Exit through the hatch.
=== Cave ===
* Pull rock.
* Exit through the hole.
=== Dark cave ===
* Exit using the top red square on the map (bottom right of the screen).
=== Meeting Point ===
* Go to single spaceship on the planet.
=== Spaceship ===
* You get sedated.
* When you wake up, go through the discussion and eventually accept to go to Axacuss.
* You are put into deep sleep.
=== Axacuss cell ===
* You wake up in a closed room.


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