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Added info on translations
Completable. English translation in progress
Go to [ our translations website].
The translation strings contain service words and symbols. Those must be copied as-is.
Possible service words:
* <code>HERO:, OTHER:, P#OTHER:, P#P#OTHER:, P#HERO:, OTHER2:</code> etc. Those designate the speaker and must be present at the beginning of the string.
* <code>$1-$19</code> – dialog tree variants. Must be at the beginning of the string.
* <code>#E2#X0, #E7#E8#B0</code> etc, starting with #. Those are special symbols for branching in dialog trees. Present at end of the string. Sometimes they're the only part of the string.
* '|' . A newline symbol. Use for extra long string to ensure the breaks are in the designated place.
====Rest of the files====
* '|', '*' and '+' – special symbols, pause, pause and newline respectively. Need to stay at the line where they are.
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