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== Compiling ScummVM with Visual Studio under Windows ==
Compiling ScummVM with Visual Studio is not an awfully hard task. It is however slightly more complicated than using [[Compiling ScummVM/MinGW|MinGW]]. We guide you through the steps to make ScummVM compile with Visual Studio on this page.
== Things needed ==
=== Visual Studio ===
There exists a free Community version of Visual Studio [ here] that can be used.
Professional Visual Studioversions Studio versions are working fine too.
We do support older versions of Visual Studio too. However, on this page we focus on building ScummVM with latest Visual Studio. Building ScummVM with older Visual Studio 2008 can require additional work not described on this page.
=== Needed Libraries ===
ScummVM relies on third-party libraries to implement certain functionality. Some of these libraries are required, like for example SDL, others are optional, like for example libtheora. We supply a set of prebuilt libraries for Visual Studio 2015and later. These have been build on Windows 8.1 using the Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. The libraries can be found [ here].
=== Installing Libraries ===


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