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=== Hyperspace Delivery Boy ===
Technical contact: [[User:sev|sev]] or [[User:DJWillis|DJWillis]]
Difficulty level: Medium to hard. Good knowledge of C++ and some knowledge of Lua are required.
Hyperspace Delivery Boy if a game written by (between others) John Romero after he left ID Software. The games has been ported to multiple platforms and is somehow a zelda like, mixing RPG, action and puzzles.
The original sources have been secured. they are written in C++ and Lua.
The purpose of the task is to write an engine for ScummVM of the Windows version. Sword25 engine is also written using Lua and could be used as an example of how to proceed.
[ Screenshots on Mobygames]
=== Mission Supernova games ===
Technical contacts: [[User:Strangerke|Strangerke]] or [[User:Criezy|Criezy]]
Difficulty level: Medium. Good knowledge of C++ and basic knowledge of C and ASM is required. Some knowledge of German language would also help.
There were several adventure games by Steffen Dingel, which are freeware now: Among them were Mission Supernova and Mission Supernova 2.
We got hold of the original source code written in C with some x86 assembler and Mission Supernova was ported to ScummVM and translated to English as part of GSoC 2017. We now need to rewrite the second game as well in a portable C++ and polish its English translation.
=== The Immortal ===


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