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Add the programming interface task
We need to have it tested on desktops and at least Android, but preferably also Windows and iOS.
=== Programming interface ===
Technical contacts: [[User:BgK|bgK]]
Difficulty: Medium
The goal of this project is to add a programming interface to ScummVM that other programs could use to interact with it. This would allow advanced users to write companion applications such as:
* Game interface enhancement tools: Automappers for RPG / Interactive Fiction games. Interactive hint systems for adventure games.
* Input automation tools: Regression testing / Tool Assisted Speedrun scripts.
* Highly integrated frontends.
* Debugging / game development tools.
The interface needs to be bi-directional with the companion application being able to send requests to query information from ScummVM and to receive responses, but also for ScummVM to send notifications to the clients. The interface needs to be easy to integrate with from various programming languages and easy to experiment with.
The scope of the project is to design and implement base system in ScummVM for Windows and Unix (using Named pipes / Unix domain sockets for communication), and to write a high quality companion application for one of the game engines in ScummVM.


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