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Add a TODO paragraph
* Backends can define (or replace) default bindings for any keymap. To do so, implement '''OSystem::getKeymapperDefaultBindings'''. This can be used to make room in the default keymaps for backend specific actions, or to provide better defaults for the platform than those defined in the keymap.
* Backends can use keymaps as well to allow players to remap the backend specific features. To do so, implement '''OSystem::getGlobalKeymaps'''. When implementing backend specific keymaps, it's best to request ''EVENT_CUSTOM_BACKEND_ACTION_{START,END}'' events in response to the user input. During event handling, ''Event::customType'' is used to recognize the action that needs to be executed.
== TODO ==
* Show the keymaps tab in the in-game options dialog
* Rework the "virtual mouse cursor" for it can be remapped by the keymapper
* Consider allowing to configure input repeat on a per-action basis to simulate keyboard key repeat
* Consider adding support for joystick button combos


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