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split out colossal adventure
name=Colossal Cave Adventure|
alternateNames=Adventure, ADVENT (350 points)<br />Colossal Adventure<br />Adventure II (440 points)<br />Adventure 3 / 550 (550 points)<br />Adventure 4 (660 points)<br />Adventure 5 (501 points)<br />Adventure 6 (551 points)<br />370 Point Adventure (370 points)| developer=[[Will Crowther]], [[Don Woods]]<br />[[Level 9 Computing]] (Colossal Adventure)<br />[[Peter Luckett]], [[Jack Pike]] (440 points)<br />[[David Platt]] (550 points)<br />[[Mike Arnautov]] (660 points)<br />[[David Long]] (501/551 points)<br />[[Paul Munoz-Colman]] (370 points)<br />[[Mike Goetz]] (580 points)<br />[[David Picton]] (701/701+ points)| publisher=[[Will Crowther]], [[Don Woods]]<br />[[Level 9 Computing]] (Colossal Adventure)| distributor=[[Will Crowther]], [[Don Woods]]<br />[[Level 9 Computing]] (Colossal Adventure)|
platforms=PDP-10, DOS|
engine=[[Glk/Frotz|Frotz]], [[Glk/Glulxe|Glulxe]], [[Glk/Hugo|Hugo]], [[Glk/Level9|Level9]], [[Glk/TADS|TADS]]|
It has also been extended multiple times:
*An extended version known as '''''Colossal Adventure''''' was released commercially by [[Level 9 Computing]] using their [[Glk/Level9|in-house scripting language]] in 1983.
*A 440 point version, also known as '''''Adventure II''''', was developed by Peter Luckett and Jack Pike, of Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough, from 1978 to 1981.
*A 430 point version, also known as '''''Adventure 2.5''''', was developed by Don Woods in 1995.
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