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→‎How to make screenshots: Added info for manual thumbnail creation
** The only supported file format is PNG with maximum compression.
** Preferably run [ OptiPNG] and [ advpng] after that. Use default parameters for OptiPNG and -4 parameter for advpng for best results. If you don't, we'll have to do it later.
** File name is gametarget[-platform][-lang]-X-full.png where:
*** ''gametarget'' is the game target name, see our compatibility page for the full list
*** ''platform'' is an optional parameter for cases when you submit non-PC game version screenshots
** Create a .txt file containing the file names followed by full game name and optionally provide the platform name and language in parenthesis. For example "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Amiga German)"
*** There is no need to provide titles for every file if they're all the same. Use your discretion.
* Thumbnail file details.
** Currently, thumbnails that correspond to the PNG screenshots have to be created manually.
** This is done using [ ImageMagick's ''convert'' command line tool].
** There should be a script available in the scummvm-web repository, which includes the required ''convert'' command call and which you could run as:<br /><code>./ gametarget[-platform][-lang]-X</code>
** The above command assumes there is a screenshot file (PNG) named ''gametarget[-platform][-lang]-X-full.png'' in the same folder. See above for valid values for each part of the name.
** Alternatively, and assuming you have the ImageMagick package installed (tested with ImageMagick 7.0.9-17) you could directly run the command:<br /><code>convert gametarget[-platform][-lang]-X-full.png -interlace line -quality 66 -thumbnail 256 gametarget[-platform][-lang]-X.jpg</code>
== How to make game icon ==


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