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distributor=[[Will Crowther]], [[Don Woods]]|
platforms=PDP-10, DOS|
engine=[[Glk/FrotzAGT|FrotzAGT]], [[Glk/GlulxeFrotz|GlulxeFrotz]], [[Glk/HugoGlulxe|HugoGlulxe]], [[Glk/Level9Hugo|Level9Hugo]], [[Glk/TADS|TADS]]|
support=Not yet.|
purchase=[ Free to download at IF Archive]|
'''''Colossal Cave Adventure''''' is the text adventure that started the adventure game genre. Will Crowther, a rock climber and cave explorer, mapped portions of the colossal cave and bedquilt cave areas of the Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky in 1972. After his divorce in 1975, he began to write Colossal Cave Adventure to better connect with his daughters. In 1976, Don Woods discovered Colossal Cave Adventure on a computer at Stanford University and received permission from Will Crowther to extend it. The expanded Don Woods version, which awarded players a maximum of 350 points, was then shared on the ARPANET in 1977, a precursor to the internet, and kickstarted the adventure genre.
It was originally written in FORTRAN for PDP-10 mainframe computers. The 1977 350-point version by Crowther and Woods has been ported to many different systems and for many different programming scripting languages, including [[Glk/AGT|AGT]], [[Glk/Glulxe|Glulx]], [[Glk/Hugo|Hugo]], [[Glk/TADS|TADS]], and [[Glk/Frotz|Z-machine]].
It has also been extended multiple times:
* [ MobyGames entry for Adventure]
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[[Category:Hugo Interactive Fiction Games]]


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