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add John Menichelli's games
Converted from Miscellaneous architectures:
*[[Super Star Trek]] (1974) (converted from BASIC to C to Inform)
*[[Colossal Cave Adventure]] (I: 1975-1977, II: 1978-1981, 2.5: 1995, 3: 1978, 4: 1995, 5: 1978, 6: 1984, 370: 1993) (converted from Fortran/C to Inform)
*[[Zork]] (1978) (the original release by the team that would become Infocom at MIT, converted to Inform) (converted from Fortran to Inform)
*[[Odieus' Quest for the Magic Flingshot]] (1993) (converted from LADS (Levy's Adventure Development System) to AGT (Adventure Game Toolkit) to Inform)
*[[Robot Finds Kitten]] (1997) (converted from C to Inform)
*[[Reverzi]] (1999) (Inform version of the board game ''Reversi'', also known as ''Othello'')
*[[Chaos In Space]] (2001) (aka Warp!) (converted from DOS to Inform)
*[[HLA Adventure]] (2004) (converted from HLA (high level assembly) to Inform)
*[[Bob's Garage]] (2006)
*[[Not Just A Game]] (2000)
*[[Le Roi de Fihnargaia]] (2010)


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