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Updated to Discord instead of IRC
* [ Create an account on Github.]
* [ Register your nick on] (it's a good idea for your IRC, and Github nicks to be similar/identical).
* Ideally stay connected to IRC Discord ( and in #scummvm-gsoc, or for ResidualVM server is [irchttps://irc.freenodediscord.netgg/scummvm #ScummVMVFQjRfa], it is often the quickest way to resolve issues with your mentor or get feedback from the larger team. If you can't stay connected to IRC Discord please review the [ logs] frequently.
* [ Subscribe to the scummvm-devel mailing list] and briefly introduce yourself to the team. Tell them who you are, what you are going to work on, where your blog is, what your IRC nick is.
* Read and follow our [[Code Formatting Conventions]].

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