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Our [ doxygen documentation] might help to grasp class hierarchy and navigate the source code at first. In particular it provides a visual representation of the relationship between classes. Using an IDE such as Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, QtCreator or CLion can also be a big help. See the create_project tool to generate projects for various IDE.
Once you are no longer completely lost and have a grasp of the code base structure, a good way to dive deeper might be to find a task to work on. You can have a look at the [ bug tracker] and the various TODO lists on this wiki. See the [[Developer_Central#Projects, plans, things to do|Projects, plans, things to do]] section. Once you have a sense of something concrete you want to work on, you are highly encourage to visit our IRC channel (#scummvm on freenode) or Discord server (see [ our Contact page]) where you can ask for helps and guidance from fellow developers.
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