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→‎Mac OS X: Update and mention the auto-update feature
=== Mac OS X macOS === - From the [ downloads page], download the '''Mac OS X Universal BinarymacOS 10.7+ 64 bits package''' file, unless you want to use it on an older PPC or 32 bit Mac OS X system (separate packages are available for those on the download page). You will download a disk image (.dmg). - To open it, double click on it and Disk Copy . This will mount the imageas a new Device (similar to when you plug an USB key).
- Once it is mounted, copy the files inside to a folder where you wish to store it.
ScummVM now also includes an auto-update options. This is not enabled by default, but you can enable it, or manually check for updates, in the ScummVM '''Options''' dialog. When a new version is available you will have the option to install it or continue with your current version.
=== Maemo ===


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