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Replace obsolete list of platforms with a link to the Platforms page and a simplified list with the main platforms
TODO: List Requirements (in terms of required/optional libraries, CPU power, memory, ... In particular, it would be nice if we could e.g. say what PalmOS devices support ScummVM; not necessarily a list of all supported Palm models, but more a list of what OS you need how much memory, colors, etc.)
ScummVM is See the [[Platforms]] page for a list of supported platforms as well as platforms that were supported in the past, but are no longer supported due to run lack of time on the following systemspart of the port maintainer. Supported platforms include:
- Unix-like (Linux, *BSD, Solaris, etc.)
- Windows
- Mac OS XmacOS
- AmigaOS 4
- Atari/FreeMiNT
- Haiku / BeOS
- Dreamcast
- GP2X - iPhone / iPod Touch - MorphOS - Nintendo DS - OS/2 - OpieiPad - PalmOSAndroid phones
- PlayStation Portable
- Symbian based smartphones - Windows Mobile (WinCE / PocketPC / Smartphone)  Some platforms have been supported in the past, but are no longer supported due to lack of time on the part of the port maintainer: - GP32 - MorphOS - PlayStation 2Vita
Besides these, there have been many more unofficial ports in the past. Since they were not developed by us, we can not say anything about their reliability, legality, or availability, nor can we provide support for them. Use them at your own risk!


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