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add Andrew Plotkin's games
* [[I'll]]
* [[I-0]]
* [[Icebreaker: The Text Adventure]]
* [[Ice House of Horrors]]
* [[Identity]]
* [[Lobsters On A Plane]]
* [[The Lode Runner]]
* [[Logic Puzzle Sampler]]
* [[Lomalow]]
* [[The Lone Star Menáçe]]
* [[The oldest hangover on Earth]]
* [[Olvido Mortal]]
* [[Ombre]]
* [[On Optimism]]
* [[On The Cross]]
* [[Le pouvoir délaissé : The coming race II]]
* [[Practical Astrology]]
* [[Praser 5]]
* [[The President, the Democrats, and Smelly Pete]]
* [[Press Escape to Save]]
*[[The Abbey]]
*[[The Absence of Law]]
*[[Advent Door]]
*[[Adventurer's Consumer Guide]]
*[[The Green Mountains]]
*[[Groove Billygoat]]
*[[Hadean Lands]]
*[[Hard Puzzle]]
*[[Hard Puzzle 2: The Cow, the Stool, and Other Animals]]


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