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'''Mel S.''' is a video game developer that created the text adventure games ''[[Asylum (2001)|Asylum]]'', ''[[Bounty Hunter]]'', ''[[Captive Universe]]'', ''[[The Cell]]'', ''[[Chicago]]'', ''[[Crime Scene]]'', ''[[Cruel and Hilarious Punishment]]'', ''[[The Curse of the Revenge of the Ghost of the Evil Chicken of Doom... Returns!]]'', ''[[Dance Fever USA]]'', ''[[Death Shack]]'', ''[[Escape from Insanity]]'', ''[[An Evening with the Evil Chicken of Doom]]'', ''[[The Evil Chicken of Doom 3D]]'', ''[[The Evil Chicken of Doom]]'', ''[[The Lost Mines]]'', ''[[Lost Souls]]'', ''[[Merry Murders]]'', ''[[Murder In Great Falls]]'', ''[[Office Breakout]]'', ''[[Return to Dracula's Castle II: Revenge of Dracula's Castle]]'', ''[[Sleaze City]]'', ''[[Steve Van Helsing: Process Server]]'', ''[[That Crazy Radioactive Monkey!]]'', ''[[Time Adventure]]'', ''[[Urban Dragon]]'', ''[[The Wasp Connection]]'', and ''[[Zombies Are Cool, But Not So Cool When They're Eating Your Head]]''.