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Lure of the Temptress

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'''{{GameDescription| name=Lure of the temptress''' aka Temptress| release=1992| alternateNames=Lure is not (yet) officially supported by ScummVM because the sourcecode is not available. Like with , LOTT| publisher=[[Revolution|Revolution Software]]| developer=[[Beneath a Steel SkyRevolution|Revolution Software]]| platforms=Amiga, great parts of the game are hardcoded into the executableAtari ST, making reverse engineering a tricky task.DOS| However, there is now work in progress engine=[[LureSword1]] | support=Not officially supported.<br/>WIP engine in our Subversion SVN<br/>repository}}'''Lure of the Temptress''', was the first game to use Revolution's Virtual Theatre engine. The game follows a young peasant named Diermot who must escape prison, rid the kingdom of Turnvale from the Skorl invaders, and defeat the cruel temptress Selena.
==Legal status==
The DOS versions of the game may be freely downloaded from Revolution's website and run fine in DOSBox.
==Known versions (work is focussed on getting the English DOS version running)==
* English DOS
* German DOS
* French DOS
* Spanish DOS
* Amiga (which languages?)
* Atari ST (which languages?)
==External links==
* [ Wikipedia article on Lure of the Temptress]
* [ Official Lure of the Temptress website]
* [ Lure of the Temptress at MobyGames]


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