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== What is SCUMM? ==
The SCUMM language is a [[LucasArts]] in-house standard. The format was never designed to be public and so would change unpredictably from game to game to suit the task at hand. Therefore, many different '''SCUMM Versions''' exist today.
With Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, LucasArts developed a modular file format based loosely on the standard IFF format. This was used several times in various forms until The Secret of Monkey Island, where the SCUMM engine and file format was redesigned from scratch. The new format was used from then on, and vestiges of it are still visible in the latest LucasArts games such as [[Grim Fandango]].
== Sub Engines of SCUMM == The information presented here SCUMM virtual machine is based on [http://scummmade up of a number of sub engines working together.mixnmojoStrictly, the term SCUMM only refers to the scripting language http://scummThe official term for the virtual machine as a whole is SPUTM --- but getting people to change is probably a lost cause.mixnmojo Here are all the engines used by the SCUMM virtual], [http ; SPUTM ://wwwThe 'real' name for the engine.scummvm; SCUMM : The actual scripting; IMUSE : The MIDI control system, allowing dynamic music.php http; SMUSH ://wwwA movie compression format and; INSANE : The event management system used in V7+ games.php] and on [http; MMUCAS ://scummThe memory allocation system used in The Curse of Monkey Island.mixnmojoV8 =specs&file=scuminfo.txt Versions =specs&file=scuminfo.txt].
The Program version is simply a string found within the SCUMM interpreters included with each game.
| 8.1.0 || 8 || 1997 || Curse of Monkey Island
== External Links ==
The information presented here is based on [], [] and on [].

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