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=== About Residual ===Residual is a [ ScummVM/ ResidualVM] started as a sub-project to play of ScummVM for the "residual" [[LucasArts]]' [ LUA]-based games that could not be added to ScummVM because they are 3D adventuresgames, such as namely [[Grim Fandango]]. Residual is an and [[Escape from Monkey Island]], using the [ OpenGLLua] program, and requires a 3D card with working OpenGL support for the best experience-based Grim Engine (GrimE).
A software renderer is also available, It has gained its independence since then as a project similar to ScummVM but is less testedfor 3D adventure games with several engines from other game companies being developed.
The main ScummVM program can run LucasArts 2D [[SCUMM]] adventures (among others).Residual is named such as it aims to do the same for the residual (remaining) games. It is also a word pun, as the engine used in these LUA-based adventure is called GrimE (as opposed to SCUMM). Grime is a type of residue. === What is the state of Residual? ===Basic gameplay works, including cutscenes, but many features are either missing or unstable. Save/load support is incomplete. Grim is now playable (with some glitches) to: Meche leaves Manny again (Rubacava, Year 2) For more detailed information on the current status please read the [[Residual_TODO|TODO] ResidualVM Wiki] page=== Linux Requirements ===Residual requires a couple system components to be installed in order to run correctly, if you are using a precompiled binary you need to have installed the follow packages:* SDL* libGL* libGLU The following components are required if you are compiling from source (in addition to the above):* SDL Development Files* libGL Development Files* libGLU Development Files === Development/debug keys from the original game ===* Ctrl + e : Enter lua string to execute* Ctrl + g : Jump to set* Ctrl + i : Toggle walk boxes* Ctrl + l : Toggle lighting* Ctrl + n : Display background name* Ctrl + o : Create a door* Ctrl + p : Execute patch file* Ctrl + s : Turn on cursor* Ctrl + u : Create a new object* Ctrl + v : print the value of a variable* Alt + l : Display light manager* Alt + n : Next viewpoint* Alt + p : Prev viewpoint* Alt + s : Run lua script* Shift + n : Next set* Shift + p : Prev set* Shift + o : Toggle object names* F3 : Toggle sector editor* Home : Go to default position in current set* j : Enter jump number


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