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The Feeble Files

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name=The Feeble Files|
alternateNames=Feeble Files<br/>Feeble, FF, TFF|
publisher=[[Adventure Soft]], [[Idigicon]]|
developer=[[Adventure Soft]]|
platforms=Amiga, Macintosh<br/>Windows|
resolution=640x480, 256 colors| engine=[[SimonAGOS]]| support=Not officially supportedSince ScummVM 0.9.<br/>A WIP engine is available<br/>in our SVN repository0| purchase=[[Where to get the games#Other Games|Yes]]
'''The Feeble Files''' was the sixth game to use Adventure Soft's [[SimonAGOS|AGOS Engine]]. The game follows Feeble, an alien who creates crop circles on underdeveloped planets for the Ministry of Galactic Uncertainty, as he falls in the middle of a plan to overthrow his government. == Internal Links ==*[[Datafiles#Feeble_Files.2C_The|Datafiles]] required by ScummVM
==External links==
*[ MobyGames entry for The Feeble Files]
*[ Wikipedia article on The Feeble Files]
*[ Screenshots]
*[ Available for sale from Adventure Soft]
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