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use "MacOSX" consistently
|Full Throttle||English PC||Completable. No regressions noted.||bramvandijk<br/>MetaFox||Linux<br/>Win32||May 30
|- style="background:lightgreen"
|The Dig||English PC<br/>German PC||Completable. No regressions noted.||evilgrug<br/>crowley||MacOSX-PPC<br/>Linux||June 1
|- style="background:#ffff77"
|The Curse of Monkey Island||English||Completable. No regressions noted.||MetaFox||Win32||May 30
|Simon the Sorcerer 1||German DOS CD||Completable. Minor glitch with missing chest in Swampling's still occurs.||Vorph||Win32||June 10
|- style="background:#ffff77"
|Simon the Sorcerer 2||English Windows CD||Completable. No regressions noted.||evilgrug||MacOS XMacOSX||June 6
|- style="background:#ffff77"
|The Feeble Files||English Windows 4CD||Completable. with glitches in Swampling Stew arcade game||crowley||Linux||June 11

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