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{{PortFeatures|name=GP2X|backend= Compatibility List gph + sdl| <!-- original added: (1.2.9) -->version=1.7.0|status=Unmaintained|{mp3=yes|ogg=yes| <!-- original added: (Tremor) -->uncompressed=yes|zlib=yes| <!-- original added: (1.2.3) -->plugins=yes|16bits=yes|buildbot=yes| borderfirstversion="0.9.1" cellpadding|maintainer=[[User:DJWillis|DJWillis]]|packager=[[User:DJWillis|DJWillis]]|web=[ Development Builds and Port News]|pkgend=-gp2x.tar.bz2|forum="2" width14|icon=100%gp2x|
agi=yes|agos=yes|cine=yes|cruise=yes|draci=yes|drascula=yes|gob=yes|groovie=yes|kyra=yes|lure=yes|made=yes|parallaction=yes|queen=yes|saga=yes|scumm=yes| <!-- * -->sword1=yes| <!-- * -->sword2=yes| <!-- * --javascript:insertTags('\'\'','\'\'','Italic text');>sky=yes|teenagent=yes|tinsel=yes|touche=yes| <!-- * -->tucker=yes|}}==Port information==
|-|colspan="13"|<br>'''''The GP2X - SVN Builds (updated 7th October 2006)'''''|- style="background:silver"|Game||Status||Notesport of ScummVM became an official supported port at the same time as the 0.9.1 release of ScummVM.
|- style="background:lightgreen"|Maniac Mansion||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|Zak McKracken and All further releases will be made inline with the Alien Mindbenders||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|Loom||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|Passport to Adventure||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|The Secret of Monkey Island||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|Day of the Tentacle||Fully Working||Mostly Working|- style="background:lightgreen"|Sam & Max Hit the Road||Fully Working||Slowdown in a few scenes when music/speech is enabled|- style="background:lightgreen"|Beneath a Steel Sky||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|Flight of the Amazon Queen||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|Gobliiins||Fully Working|||- style="background:#ff7777"|Simon the Sorcerer 1||Crashs - Unfixed as of now|||- style="background:#ff7777"|Simon the Sorcerer 2||Crashs - Unfixed as of now|||- style="background:lightgreen"|The Legend of Kyrandia||Working but slow in some cut-scenes|||- style="background:lightgreen"|Full Throttle||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|The Dig||Fully Working|||- style="background:lightgreen"|Broken Sword 1 and 2||Working but very slow in some scenes|||- style="background:#ff7777"|The Curse of Monkey Island||Currently unsupported||This game is currently unsupported but is being worked on|- style="background:#ff7777"|All HE Games||Unsupported||Untested - Feedback requested|- style="background:#ff7777"|Beneath a Steel Sky||Currently unsupported||Recent backend changes seem to have broken this gamemain ScummVM release cycle.|}
== 'Test' releases from GIT snapshots will still be made infrequently on the existing port homepage (see Links ==). Generally in preparation for a release or testing of a major new feature or engine.
The official ScummVM port for the GP2X has some limitations over its full 'personal computer' siblings. These are mainly found in the input and screen areas. As such full ScummVM compatibility information should only be used as a guide not a definitive statement that a game will work on the GP2X. This port uses a custom backend (/backends/platform/gph) that uses a mixture of GPH platform ([[GP2X]]/[[GP2XWiz]]/[[Caanoo]]) specific code and reuses large portions of the generic SDL backend. ==Controls for ScummVM on the GP2X== {{GP2XControls}} =Compatibility List= See [[GP2X/Compatibility]] for compatibility lists. =Known Issues= See [[GP2X/Known_Issues]] for the current issue lists. =Links= *[ for the GP2X - Port homepage]*[ viewforum.php?f=14 ScummVM for the GP2X Port Homepage- Forum]


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