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== General ==
 == Personal Nightmare ==* Add support for additional MIDI events fading effects used for transitions between day and night, in PC the Amiga and Atari ST versions of Elvira 1/2 and Waxworks.* Complete Add support for Protracker MOD formatpalette differences (i.e. inventory icons), used for music in the Amiga and Atari ST versions.* Fix charset rendering to match original PC version exactly, squeezing character where required.* Improve sound support for conversion , especially the handling of appended and queued sounds. The introduction sequence (in Amiga/AtariST ports) of planar graphics[ demo] and full version, used is the best point for testing.* Using the 'Wait' command passes by Amiga far too quickly, and AtariST versionsrequires a work around. This problem occurs in the original game, when used on modern systems, due to the speed increase.
== Elvira 1 ==
* Add support for picking up and using items, to progress further (Kirben)EGA mode in the DOS version.* Add support for pause/load/save screens.* Fix display of text and backgrounds music in inventory areaAtari ST version (The format is unknown).* Fix invert The location of verb options, when choosing itemthe music data is unknown.* Fix mouse cursor often been disabled, after been caught Add support for compression format used by guard.* Fix attempts to load zone zero, which doesn't exist. * And much and tables files in the PC98 version.
== Elvira 2 ==
* Add support for picking up and using items, to progress further music in Atari ST version (KirbenThe format is unknown).* Add support for load/save screensThe music data is stored in 'xtune.pkd' files, and not compressed.* Add support for music AdLib sound effects in Atari ST the DOS version.* Fix missing heart beat.* Fix palette differences , which are stored in Atari ST version.* And much more.the 'mylib.fxb' file.
== Waxworks ==
* Add support for load/save screens.* Fix background display of text animations been removed too quickly.* Fix overlapping text AdLib sound effects in the name windowDOS version, when an item which are stored in a room is selected.* And much more.the 'wax.fxb' file.
== Simon the Sorcerer 1 ==
* Add support for compression format (The format is unknown) used by the mt_fb.ibk Adlib instrument bank music in DOS versionsthe Acorn disk version.* Fix chest disappearing Add support for [ Desktop Tracker format] used for music in Swampling's house in DOS versionsthe Acorn disk version.
== Simon the Sorcerer 2==
* Add support for language files used by Amiga and Macintosh verisonsversions.
* Add support for music fade out in vc62_fastFadeOut() when changing locations.
* Fix missing trails during lion ride minor glitch in the trail shown on the first map, when Simon is riding the Lion to the Goblin 's Camp in non-English versions. The minor glitch occurs, as the next location starts blinking, slightly too much background is been restored for some reason.
== Feeble Files ==
* Add support for resuming position of last OmniTV video, after changing rooms.
* Work around the scrolling glitch when repair man comes to fix the car, which occurs in original too. A race issue, the screen scrolling should have completed, before the video is played.
* Fix occasional glitch when scrolling text in Oracle interface. See [[media:Oracle-glitch.png|this series of screenshots]] from the DIRECTIVE CHARTER article. (It happens in other places as well.) This is actually not a bug in the Simon engine, but rather a problem with the automatic calculation of dirty rects that we use to speed up full screen updates in some engines. Maybe the checksum algorithm is more likely to fail when there are only two colours colors involved?
=== Some observations about the missing line breaks ===
=== Demon In My Pocket ===
* Add support for actions and sound effects when idleTiming code seems too slow, the demon takes a very long time to die.
=== Swampy Adventures ===
* Add support for entering nickname at start of the game(Uses Windows fonts).* Add support for displaying rollover text, which displays explanation when clicking on items(Uses Windows fonts).


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