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Currently ScummVM support officialy two devices '''HP iPAQ h1910/h1915 and Asus MyPal 716''', because port is designed to run in '''custom''' [ Familiar distribution]. Unofficial support for this PDA's is on the wiki: [ iPAQ h191x] and [ MyPal 716].
This distribution is based on Familiar branch from [ OpenEmbedded] build development environment. It's customised and tuned for this two devices (currently only is Opie supported).
ScummVM release has its own snaphost of sources source snaphosts with patches and meta files needed to rebuild. It's because GPL license reasons. For version 0.9.1 is [ here].
Technicaly binary release of ScummVM may run on other Familiar Opie distributions and devices. But it will have lack of support and missing will miss key features.
Main benefits over other devices is are in modified SDL library. There are:
* normal usual keys mapping* keymap to special actions like emulate right mouse buttonemulation, key combinations, and others...,* better handling graphics modes,handling
* downscaling from hires to lowres
* zoom,
* virtual keyboard


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