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==About this document==
The latest version of this document can be found at in SGML, HTML, GNU info, Postscript and ASCII formatsSpecifications.
If you have any questions about the individual sections in this document, email use the author "Discussion" page of that section.
If you have documented an aspect of the interpreter, or have updated your documentation which is already included this document, please send it to the current maintainer ScummVM team ( Claudio Matsuoka[ contact information]) so that it can be added in future versions. Preferred format is Linuxdoc-SGML or plain text.
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==Conventions used in this document==
* Keyboard key names are given in fixed with width font (e.g. <tt>ENTER</tt>).* Metasyntatic variables are given in italics (e.g. ''n'').* File names are case sensitive and given in fixed width font (e.g. <tt></tt>).
* AGI resource names are given in all caps (e.g. LOGIC, VIEW).
* AGI command names are given in fixed width font (e.g. <code></code>).
* AGI variable n is noted as vn or Var(n) (e.g. v15, Var(18)).
* AGI flag n is noted as fn or Flag(n) (e.g. f2, Flag(11)).
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==Change Log==
===Version 3.2 (17 July 2007)===
* Added info about AGI256 and AGI256-2 fan made extensions
===Version 3.1 (6 January 2007)===
* Added note about control lines and priority screen pixel scanning.
* Anders M. Olsson
* Jeremy Hayes
* Joakim MöllerMöller
* Martin Tillenius
* Stuart George
* Paul Lunga
* Ian Schmidt
* XoXusDavid Symonds
* Claudio Matsuoka
* Kari Salminen


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