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==== 'pixmaps' section ====
==== 'pixmaps' section ====

In the 'pixmaps' section all pixmaps used by the renderer are defined.
Basically there are four pixmaps per widget/dialog type:
pix_typename_corner - pixmap used for rendering all the corners
pix_typname_top - pixmap used for the top/bottom border (y inversed for the bottom border)
pix_typname_left - pixmap used for the left/right border (x inversed for the right border)
pix_typname_bkgd - pixmap used for the background (all that's not corner or border)
Here's some example to defined the pixmaps used for dialog drawing:
To check out all widget types, check the entries defined in modern.ini.
Also note that just .bmp files with a bpp of 24 bits are supported.
The transparency color used is defined in the 'colors' section (see later on).
Apart from the pixmap definitions in the 'pixmaps' section there are
some special pixmaps defined:
pix_widget_arrow - pixmap used for all arrows in widgets (like in the scrollbar widget)
pix_checkbox_empty - pixmap used for empty checkboxes
pix_checkbox_checked - pixmap used for checked checkboxes
pix_theme_logo - pixmap used as logo
pix_cursor_image - pixmap used as mouse cursor (note that just the first 255 colors found are used)

==== 'colors' section ====
==== 'colors' section ====