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Describe shadows, fonts and cursor parameters
==== 'extra' section ====
TODO==== Shadows ====Shadows are defined in number of extra pixels at each side. However, each widget uses its own shadow format. Currently it is hardcoded, but if there is a need, it could be easily added to the theme config.  [extra] shadow_left_width=2 shadow_right_width=4 shadow_top_height=2 shadow_bottom_height=4 Specifies number of extra pixels which shadow covers. This is right-bottom shadow. ==== Fonts ====Fonts used in the theme could also be specified. You should provide the font file in BDF format and put it to the theme archive.  [extra] fontfile_normal="helvr12-l1.bdf" fontfile_bold="helvb12-l1,bdf" fontfile_italic="helvi12-l1.bdf" fontfile_fixed_normal="courr12-l1.bdf" fontfile_fixed_bold="courb12-l1.bdf" fontfile_fixed_italic="couri12-l1.bdf" Specifies fonts for Variable Normal, Bold and Italic weight, as well as fixed width fonts. At first load ScummVM will load BDF fonts which are in slow ASCII format and will write binary precompiled versions to files with extencion 'FCC'. You may consider putting these files to theme ZIP file if you will want to distribute your theme.
===== Inactive dialog effects =====
===== Cursor parameters =====
Cursors are specified in cursor pixmap (see pixmpas section). Section extra specifies several additional parameters:
First two parameters define position of cursor hotspot within cursor pixmap (top left corner is [0,0]).
targetScale is used to specify at which scale cursor starts to be scaled. I.e. if targetScale = 2, then cursor will not be scaled at 320xY, but will be scaled 1.5x for 960xY resolution (by factor of [currentScale / cursorTargetScale]. With targetScale = 3 it will not be scaled even at 3x.
It is used when your cursor is designed, say, for 640x480, and original interpretator always scaled 320x200 game graphics.
== Evaluation precedence ==

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