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** Maniac Mansion: NES; Enhanced (V2) English. Also, any other non-German enhanced (V2) versions** Zak McKracken: FM-TOWNS (OK, I am probably being unrealistic here :-) ), classic (V1) English, classic (V1) German, enhanced any other languages (V1 or V2) English, any other languages** Indiana Jones and the last Crusade: EGA German, VGA English
** Loom: FM-TOWNS (see above), EGA German
** Monkey Island: EGA (*any* language, English or German preferred), VGA English
** Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: Mac version
** Sam & Max: German PC
** The Dig: Mac version
* Others
** Goblins 3
** Any AGI games
** Feeble Files


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