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         name=  PaweÅ‚ KoÅ‚odziejski|
         name=  PaweÅ‚ KoÅ‚odziejski|
         workingOn=[[SCUMM]], [[Residual]]
         workingOn=[[SCUMM]], [[Residual]], [[Familiar]] Opie port
I was involved in ScummVM areas:
* iMuse Digital - almost whole
* Smush - mostly
* BOMP and akos16 codecs
* import agi engine
* and many more small parts which I'm too lazy write here :)
I have currently stalled status at ScummVM.
Maybe I'll resume in distant future, most propably with improve Imuse Digital or adding some new engine.
I'm currently involved in Residual sub project.
My TODO list for Residual (with priority):
* finish shadows for TinyGL and check shadow logic (currenlty in works)
* implement shadows for OpenGL
* fix font positioning
* optimise TinyGL by smart region updates
* add Opengl zbuffer hardware replacement using TinyGL as mix of hardware and software renderer
* try optimise main loop by less frequently calls of lua updates
* fix textures in some places
* implement/fix (de)/allocation of resources and other things before save/load stuff
* implement save/load rest part of engine
* fix TinyGL texture glitch
* do Grim finishable
* do Grim demo playable and finishable
* bugs fixing
* engine cleanup
* More ports/platforms stuff
* preliminary engine changes for Monkey 4


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