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|Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade EGA||N/A||N/A||None||None||None
|- style="background:#7777ff;"
|Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade VGA||English DOS||Completable. Minor graphics glitch. [[ 1726606]]||clone2727||Mac OS X/Win32||May 27
|- style="background:#ffff77;"
|Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis||English DOS (Team Path)||Completable. No regressions noted.||bobablob||Mac OS X||May 22
|Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge||English DOS<br>English DOS (Bounty Pack)||Completable. No regressions noted.||MetaFox<br>iPwnzorz||Win32<br>Win32||May 22<br>May 24
|- style="background:#7777ff;"
|Day of the Tentacle||English DOS CD<br>English DOS CD||Completable. No regressions noted. Minor graphics glitch on WinCE. [[ 1723144]] ||MetaFox<br>spookypeanut||Win32<br>WinCE||May 21<br>May 21
|- style="background:#ffff77;"
|Sam & Max Hit the Road||English DOS CD||Completable. No regressions noted.||MetaFox||Win32||May 21