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testing is over and added last two games tested before it ended
ScummVM 0.10.0 release testing season will begin on May 23, 2007. Please see the testing guidelines on the main [[Release Testing]] page.'''Release testing is now over. Thanks to all who helped out.'''
Although it begins on May 23, you can begin to test games before that date <strike>'''except for games with *** next to their names'''</strike> '''All games should be tested now'''.
|Gobliins 2||N/A||N/A||None||None||None
|-style="background:lightgreen;"|Goblins 3||N/AEnglish DOS Floppy||N/ACompletable. No regressions noted.||Nonebramvandijk||NoneLinux||NoneJune 17
|- style="background:lightgreen;"
|Inherit the Earth||English Windows CD talkie||Completable. Regression with MIDI music [[ #1734416]]||Md5||Win32||June 12
|''#''Nippon Safes||N/A||N/A||None||None||None
|- style="background:lightgreen;"
|''#''Simon the Sorcerer 1||English PC CD<br>English Windows PC CD<br>German Talkie CD||Completable. Minor glitch noted. [[ #1730998]]<br>Completable.<br>Completable.||clone2727<br>JDAdams<br>hydr0x||Win32/Mac OS X<br>Win32<br>Win32||June 5<br>June 11<br>June 17
|- style="background:lightgreen;"
|''#''Simon the Sorcerer 2||English Windows CD<br>English Windows CD||Completable. Minor graphics glitch.<br>Completable||Kirben<br>JDAdams||Win32<br>Win32||June 11<br>June 11


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