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→‎TODO: Updated my personal TODO list (everybody is welcome to implement ideas listed here)
== TODO =Web site ===* Add big (green?) shiny buttons in the middle of the page for (1) Donations and (2) Downloads ?The following are some TODOs I've been thinking about recently. I might either implement them* simplify screenshots: use a single screenshot "database" file, and use meaningful names on the screenshots, or add some of maybe even organize them to the main TODO list. We'll subdirs
* Web site** Add big (green?) shiny buttons in the middle of the page for (1) Donations and (2) Downloads ?* SaveMan improvements=== Savefile manager ===** get rid of getSavePath -> AFAICT it's only used for enhanced error/warning messages. So let's just finally add a Stream::ioErrorString methor or so, which describes the error that occured** at the same time might want to replace ioFailed() with an ioError() method which returns an error code, not just a bool** add a method to remove a savestate ** properly document listSavefiles
** reimplement DefaultSaveFileManager::listSavefiles
* Clean up file/filesystem handling in our === File code===** several backends #define fopen, fread etc. -- this is bad, try to get rid of these hacks** to get rid of all usages of fopen, etc. we could add backends/file and move the current file.cpp to backends/file/stdc (this is just a rough idea, mind you)** at the same time, finally change File to read-only, and add a DumpFile class, which can be used for script dumps, screenshots etc.; ports can simply provide an "empty" implementations if they don't support dumping large files** To enforce that no code uses fopen etc. directly, we could add our own #define's to scummsys.h to trigger errors in code doing it* === GUI===** The options dialog may show a button for configuring the savepath even on systems where it is fixed -> not good. This button should be hidden/removed for these systems* make a shared "main menu dialog", based on the SCUMM one** accessible via the same hotkey in all engines** save/load/help optional** enhance the current dialog by displaying the engine name at the top, maybe also "ScummVM 0.x.y" === OSystem ===* get to rid of the evil global gBitFormat!* Add getOverlayBitFormat() method, so we can avoid using RGBToColor, colorToRGB, ARGBToColor, colorToARGB in tight loops (it would return a value of 8 to indicate palette mode, otherwise a bitformat value compatible to those used in graphics/colormasks.h)* Remove slack in OSystem** move getScreenChangeID functionality to EventManager** what are these for (and can we remove them)?: screenToOverlayX, screenToOverlayY, overlayToScreenX, overlayToScreenY** remove getOutputSampleRate -- instead, add a private API to the mixer code to setup the sample rate (like, a param to the Mixer constructor)
== Wish list ==


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