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360 bytes added ,  19:38, 21 June 2007
* Add big (green?) shiny buttons in the middle of the page for (1) Donations and (2) Downloads ?
* simplify screenshots: use a single screenshot "database" file, and use meaningful names on the screenshots, maybe even organize them in subdirs
* Show "Release Date" on download page
=== Savefile manager ===
** update engines to use (and trust) the new API. With "trust" I mean that some engines currently double-check the results of it with openFileForLoading (and good that they do so, considering that right now the default savefilemanager does *not* implement it. *sigh*)
* Consider replacing "const char *" usages with "Common::String". This might or might not be a good idea -- don't just do it blindly!
=== File code ===
=== SCUMM ===
* Once the new SaveFileManager::remove method is there, add a "remove" button to the save/load dialog
* Work around actor (re)color bugs in Indy3 FM-TOWNS / VGA. See
* Might also be nice to use the trick they used in AGI/Sarien to add custom recoloring to costumes at least for the EGA games. E.g. in MM, an actor with blue trousers working on a blue ground looks... stealthy :)
=== Misc ===


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