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{{Infobox Port Information|title=Dreamcast Port
|version=[ 0.10.0]
|audio=MP3, Uncompressed
|forum=[ Port Forum]
|firstversion=[ 0.3.0b]
== About ==
ScummVM was also ported to the Dreamcast [[Platforms|platform]]. The Dreamcast port uses it's own custom Graphical User Interface, which automatically scans the disc for games, and adds the games to the list through ScummVM's built-in autodetection. This usually works well, but sometimes games will show up on the list twice, incorrect games will show up with the correct game (especially true with the early V1 and V2 SCUMM games), and quite rarely the game will not show up on the list at all. ScummVM for the Dreamcast supports disc swapping from the GUI, and will rescan once a new disc is inserted and repopulate the gameslist. There is currently no way to manually add games to the gameslist in ScummVM for Dreamcast.


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