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* make a shared "main menu dialog", based on the SCUMM one
** accessible via the same hotkey in all engines
** Provides the following buttons/features in *all* games & engines: Resume, About, Quit** Ideally also provides an options dialog based on the generic option dialogs in the launcher** Engines can provide a subclass, which adds buttons/functions, like "save/load", or "help"** For backends that need it (or maybe even for all), provide access to the "key remapper" and "virtual keyboard", once/help optionalif we add those globally** enhance Sugar on the current dialog by displaying cake: Display the engine name at the top, maybe also "ScummVM 0.x.y", and other goodies (ScummVM logo anyone?)
* Highlight the "default" button in dialogs (e.g. the classic MacOS way, drawing a fat border around it; or by using different coloring; or a combination). This falls under "usability", too.


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