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Added as a dev and small updates
name=Jordi Vilalta|
email=jvprat (AT)
I've been a ScummVM user for some years and now I want to give something back to this great project. Here's a list of the things I'd like to do (when I have the time and if I'm able to do them).
===GUIInterests===*[[TODO#Docs.2C_Web_site|Documentation]]*[[TODO#Build_System]]**I'm interested in automating things (configure, Makefiles, releases/snapshots, ...)**I'm also interested in generalizing stuff (small devices backends, engine/game dependent options, ...)*[[TODO#MIDI]]**Ability to select which soundtrack to use (Adlib, GM, ...)**Select the output devices (not drivers) that support that soundtrack (more intuitive for the end user)*[[GUI_Themes/TODO]]**[ Support for translating the GUI]***Support loading language packages***Add support to render non-ascii characters (FreeType?)**Live update of the widgets' text *Enhance themes***Add theme inheritance(make function-like sections with parameters)***Position the widgets with a proportional approach ****Manual process (modern done, classic pending)****Add some kind of automatic layout? (grid/table)
You can find my progress in my Darcs repository:
**I'm trying to integrate FreeSCI as a ScummVM engine.
*DGDS (Dynamix Game Development System)**This is the engine created by Dynamix and used in Willy Beamish, Heart of China and Rise of the Dragon.**I have the skeleton of the engine, the resource manager and it can show fonts.**I'm looking the [ xBaK] project, since it's reversing another game from the same company and it seems to share some concepts.
**This is the engine created by Tsunami Media (old Sierra employees) and used by Blue Force, Ringworld, Ringworld 2, Protostar, etc.
**I've just begun REing it, but I'm so new to this and I'm going so slow. It's stuck at the moment, I'm concentrating on the 2 engines above.


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