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{{Infobox Port InformationPortFeatures|titlename=MorphOS Port|backend=sdl|version=[ 0.9.1]|status=Unmaintained|mp3=yes|ogg=yes|uncompressed=yes|audiozlib=OGG Vorbis, MP3, Uncompressedyes|plugins=no|webpage16bits=yes|buildbot=no|firstversion=0.8.0|maintainer=[[User:tomjoad|tomjoad]]|pkgend=-morphos.lha|forum=[ Port Forum]|status=unmaintained|firstversionicon=[ 0.8.0]|
== About ==
ScummVM has been ported to MorphOS with the SDL backend.
== About ==ScummVM has also been ported to MorphOS with a custom backendThis requires PowerSDL 14.x or later.
== External links ==
* [ ScummVM Other ports forum]


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