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→‎Steps: instead of editing engines/ one has to edit engines/ these days
# Add <tt>engines/quux/</tt> (take a look at files of 2-3 existing engines to understand the content).
# Add <tt>engines/quux/quux.h</tt> and <tt>engines/quux/quux.cpp</tt>; this will contain your Engine subclass (or at least parts of it). It will also contain the plugin interface code (more on that in the next section).
# Modify <tt>engines/</tt> by adding your engine. It should be clear what to do by looking at what is done for the other engines there.
# Modify <tt>configure</tt> by adding a new add_engine line. Again, just check out what is done for the existing engines.
# Modify <tt>base/plugins.cpp</tt>; in particular, you have to add your engine to the list in PluginManager::loadPlugins.


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