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{{GameDescription| name=Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up<br/>or Slip Out!| release=1993| alternateNames=Leisure Suit Larry 6<br/>LSL 6, Larry 6| publisher=[[Sierra]]| developer=[[Sierra]]| platforms=MS-DOS, Windows| engine=SCI| support=Not supported.}}'''Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!''' was the fifth game in the #REDIRECT [[Leisure Suit Larry series]]. The game finds Larry alone again, with no explanation as to Patti's disappearance. He wins a trip on a cruise ship, and aims to simply meet and have sex with eight different women. ==External links==*[ Wikipedia article on Leisure Suit Larry 6]*[ Mobygames article on Leisure Suit Larry 6] [[Category:Unsupported Games]]


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