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IRC-related info
There is one note about scummvm-cvs-logs. Consider it as a read-only list, i.e. if you have comments/questions on someone's commit, post your follow-up to ''scummvm-devel''.
== IRC ==
For all kinds of live discussions we use #scummvm @ IRC channel. All ScummVM developers get an operator status there, so if you have some questions, talk to them. There are several notes about usage of this medium:
* IRC is not the best place for informing everyone about some important development conclusions. I.e. when you discussed something and came up with a solution, it's best to e-mail results to ''scummvm-devel''. That is, don't expect everyone in the team to know that you uttered something at #scummvm.
* All developers who want to get operator status should register with '''''NickServ'''''
* Most people on FreeNode have so-called anti-spam feature turned on. That is, you will not be able to PM them unless you registered with '''''NickServ'''''
We have several bots living there:
* ''LeChuck'' -- our own bot. It's primary usage is infobotting and logs.
* ''lisppaste'' -- paste bot. It notifies when ScummVM-related pastes are posted [ here]
* ''CIA'' -- commit notification bot. It notifies on all commits. Further information could be found on [ site]
* ''cmeme'' -- IRCbrowse log bot. Records logs and keeps them [ here]
IRC logs are stored at:
* [] -- Down when LeChuck is down
* [ IRCbrowse] -- cmeme's logs. Most reliable solution at present time.
== Misc ==

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