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Summer of Code/Application/2008

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We had 7 students and 4 mentors in total. Two of our students have been promoted to active, regular developers in the team (Kari Salminen & David Corrales) after having their respective code contributions integrated in the codebase. One other student's code contributions have also been integrated in the mainline (toolsgui). Two more (mixer & decompiler) have their code still in development to improve it and make it production-ready, either through optimization or extension and better integration. Two students failed to keep up with the schedule and/or produced inadequate code.
For usUltimately, every slot we are assigned is aside the valuablecontributions the majority of our students achieved, two students failed. It is easy enough to flunk students if In their result are not good enough but this hinders the impact case, our mentors agree that there wasn't anything more we want GSoC to have on ScummVMcould do. Hence, a common belief shared by Their involvement was minimal from the participating mentors last year is start and that 's what we should engage the students must identify early on, during at the application period, to determine their commitment and eagerness to follow through their proposalsstage.  ++ implement stricter reporting routines
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