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Summarize The Feeble Files bugs.
* If you take a picture of the Tourist in the Zoo, with the camera on maximum flash, run to the door and talk to the Tourist again (after returning the camera), a duplicate Tourist will occur.
* The screen isn't scrolled far enough to the left side, after calling the repair man to fix the car, which causes a slight glitch as camera is adjusted before cutscene starts. <nowiki>*</nowiki>
* Problem: Repeating cutscene when talking to Molly after first “cool” conversation.Reproduction: Load save game in Ministry. You must not have talked in any way to Molly before. Use normal If you use the Charisma X pills, try to go walk past Mollyin the Ministry, and then talk to her Molly again, the previous conversation when walking past, will occur again.* Problem: Male phone talk stops when listening to him.Reproduction: Go If you listen to Dave’s space bar on the beginning, stand next to Dave and listen to him. <BR>Details: The bug seems to be there because conversation of a missing ifthe male in the Vid-check that was done for every other part of Phone Booth near Dave's Space Bar, the conversation of Feeble’s friendeventually stops, are he says 'See you soon, honey bunny".* Problem: Big circuitry It is possible to combine the large circuit boards can be combined with anythingany item, thus causing when swapping the board the action was done with to disappear which makes the game uncompleteable.Reproduction: Look at one circuit boards of the two robots to get access to their interior side. Take one big circuitry board. Go to Oracle. Combine big circuitry board with anything else (board must be selected first). <BR>Wanted solution: Feeble should instead say one of the three random “doesn’t work” messages which are used for common wrong combinations PEG and SAM at that point: <BR>1) “Even using my new rebel training I fail to see how that's possibleAldoria Major.” (3560) 9330 <BR>2) “I see no way The loss of getting any sort of result out of that.” (3363) 9331 <BR>3) “There's no point.” (4077) 9332 <BR>Side note: Combining the small circuitry large circuit boards also doesn’t give , causes the correct “doesn’t work” phrases. Would be nice if that could game not to be fixed, too, though it is a very small unimportant issuecompletable
Issues specific to 4CD versions


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