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Compiling ScummVM/MinGW

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* [ SDL 1.2].
You need the latest Development Libraries file SDL-devel-1.2.9-mingw32for Mingw32.tar.gz (1.2.9 is the latest version at this time)
* [ NASM]Optional, for faster compile of scalersYou need the latest Win32 binary
* [http://downloadsflac.xiphsourceforge.orgnet/releases/ogg/ liboggdownload.html FLAC] and [ libvorbis] Optional, for OGG FLAC supportYou need the 1.1.3 source code, as later versions aren't supported under MinGW.
Note that the libraries included in the "* [ libogg] and [" package won't work. / libvorbis] Optional, for OGG supportYou need the latest libogg and libvorbis, (not vorbis ) source code.
* [ libmad] Optional, for MP3 supportYou need the latest libmad source code.
* [ libmpeg2] for MPEG-2 support Get the latest mpeg2dec release from this page, libmpeg2 is included there  * [ zlib]. Optional, for compressed saved games.You need the latest zlib source code.  * [ FLAC]. You need the latest full source code (1.1.3).
After extracting the contents of the SDL archive in a folder, copy all the files in the 'include/SDL's include folder in to MinGW's include folder and , copy all the files in SDLthe 's lib ' folder in to MinGW's lib folder. Also, and copy SDL.dll and i386-mingw32msvc-sdl-config all the files in MinGWthe 's bin ' folder. Rename i386-mingw32msvc-sdl-config to sdl-config  Now, we need to setup SDL. Go to SDLMinGW's bin folder and type: make install prefix=/mingw Note the forward slash, since you are using MSYS.
cp -p src/.libs /mingw/lib
cp -p src/.libs/* /mingw/lib
=== libmpeg2 ===
Unzip the mpeg2dec archive in a folder, open MSYS, go to the mpeg2dec folder and issue these commands to compile the library:
./configure --disable-shared
To install the library, type:
make install prefix=/mingw
Alternatively, after you compile mpeg2dec, go to its include directory, create a folder "mpeg2dec" in there and copy all files from the include folder in this subfolder. So you should end up with 2 directories, "include" and "include\mpeg2dec" with the same files. This is needed, as ScummVM includes files from the "mpeg2dec" directory. Copy this mpeg2dec folder inside MinGW's include folder. Then, copy lib\.libs folder from libmpeg2 folder as-is inside MinGW's lib folder, and also copy the files from the lib\.libs folder from libmpeg2 folder inside MinGW's lib folder (because libmpeg2 libraries are searched both in the lib and in the lib\.libs folder)
You can do this using Explorer or by typing these commands in MSYS inside the mpeg2dec folder:
mkdir include/mpeg2dec
cp -p include/* include/mpeg2dec
cp -p include/mpeg2dec /mingw/include
cp -p libmpeg2/.libs /mingw/lib
cp -p libmpeg2/.libs/* /mingw/lib


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