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'''Nippon Safes Inc.'''. The game plays similar to the [[Goblins seriesGobliiins]], in that you control three different characters with three different skills. However, unlike the Goblins gamesin Gobliiins, each character's puzzle is independant of the other characters.
The game takes place in Tokyo, and the player takes control of a safe cracker named Doug, a boxer named Dino, and a club dancer named Donna.
In 1996, the sequel [[The Big Red Adventure]] was released.
==Data Files==
All of the files required for Nippon Safes Inc. to run
'''''DOS (supporting English, French, German and Italian)'''''
==Platform Compatibility==
List of platforms where Nippon Safes Inc. is known to work / not to work.<br/>Only the DOS version is supported by this target.
|Status||% Completed
|- style="background:#ffff40"
|Game is completable.<br/>Occasional minor graphical glitches||70%
|Platform||Status||% Completed
|- style="background:#ffff40"
|[[Linux]], [[Mac OS X]], [[Windows||Completable||70%|- style="background:#ffff40"|Linux||Completable||70%|- style="background:#ffff40"|MacOS]]||Completable||70%
==External links==
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*[ Screenshots]
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