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My TODO list for Residual (with priority):
* add emergency font support and fps display to tinygl renderer* fix shadows for OpenGL (in works)Lua save/load to be portable
* fix font positioning
* add Opengl zbuffer hardware replacement using TinyGL as mix of hardware and software renderer
* fix color textures in some places
* implement/fix (de)/allocation of resources and other things before save/load stuff
* fix Lua save/load to be portable
* implement save/load for rest part of engine
* optimise TinyGL by smart region updates
* fix TinyGL texture glitch
* optimise TinyGL by smart region updatesfix shadow rendering when object/actor is behind of shadow plane* try calculate better zbuffer precisions for zbuffer bitmaps
* do Grim finishable
* do Grim demo playable and finishable


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