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=== Savefile manager ===
* get rid of getSavePath -> AFAICT it's only used for enhanced error/warning messages. So let's just finally add a Stream::ioErrorString methor or so, which describes the error that occured* at the same time might want to replace ioFailed() with an ioError() method which returns an error code, not just a bool* add a method to remove a savestate (see [ FR #1217640])* maybe also one to rename a savestate (less important)* replace listSavefiles with a better API (possibly function with same name)** it should take a regex (well, allowing only "?" and "*" like in DOS)** it would return a List<String> with all matched filenames** reimplement DefaultSaveFileManager::listSavefiles to actual do more than returning "yes" for all and every filename** update engines to use (and trust) the new API. With "trust" I mean that some engines currently double-check the results of it with openFileForLoading (and good that they do so, considering that right now the default savefilemanager does *not* implement it. *sigh*) * Consider replacing "const char *" usages with "Common::String". This might or might not be a good idea , though -- don't just do it blindly!
=== File code ===


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