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Use StableVersion template for the latest release (since it is available for 1.7.0)
{{Infobox Port InformationPortFeatures|titlename=Maemo Port|backend=maemo + sdl|version=[ 0.12.0]{{StableVersion}}|status=Maintained|mp3=yes|ogg=yes| <!-- tremor -->flac=yes|uncompressed=yes|zlib=yes|audioplugins=MP3, OGGno|16bits=yes|webpagebuildbot=no|firstversion=0.11.0|maintainer=[[User:Endertsoliman|Endertsoliman]], |packager=[[User:Fingolfintsoliman|Fingolfintsoliman]], [[User:Sev|Sev]]pkgbegin=scummvm_|pkgend=-maemo_armel.deb|forum=[http:12|icon=maemo|notes=OS 2006, 2007, 2008 and Maemo5//| agi=yes|agos=yes|cine=yes|cruise=yes|draci=yes|drascula=yes|gob=yes|groovie=yes|hugo=yes|kyra=yes|lastexpress=yes|lure=yes|m4=yes|made=yes|mohawk=yes|parallaction=yes|queen=yes|saga=yes|sci=yes|scumm=yes|sky=yes|sword1=yes|sword2=yes|sword25=yes|teenagent=12 Port Forum]yes|tinsel=yes|statustoon=Maintainedyes|touche=yes|firstversiontucker=0.11.0yes|
== About ==
Maemo is a Debian based operating system for Nokia internet tablets and phones. Port is currently based on a SDL (no opengl) with changes adding for the hardware keys on the tablets. First version was ported by [ Tomas Junnonen]. Since 0.8.2 until 1.2.1 the port is maintained by [ fanoush]. 0.11.0 was first official version.
Since version 1.4.0, the port is maintained by [[User:tsoliman|tsoliman]] and has been part of the main source code tree.
There are no official releases between 1.2.1 and 1.4.0 due to the port being unmaintained.
== Keybindings ==
All SDL backend keybindings (see [ README]) should work unless specifically changed for Maemo. Both builtin (if available) and attached bluetooth or usb keyboard should work. Touch screen tap generates left click when clicking is enabled. Press the "switch clicking mode" key to toggle clicking on and off. When clicking is off, touch screen tap only generates mouse movement.
{{MaemoControls}} == TODO == * <del>Support N810</del> * <del>Detect hardware platform</del> * <del>Support N800 - virtual keyboard</del> * <del>Support N900</del>** package "corrupt" appears from GUI installer reported** <del>Fix volume keys not working sometimes</del>** <del>Fix keyboard input not working at all</del>** <del>Add GMM binding Ctrl+Shift+m - only in 1.4.1 and above. </del>** <del>Add keybindings to Template:MaemoControls when 1.4.1 release is imminent.</del>* <del>Add keymapper support</del> (No plans to support N770 for future releases because of older SDK requirements - use 1.2.1) == About Known issues == * Power management - ScummVM has also been ported is not paused when running in background or display is blanked. Bringing up menu (menu key) may reduce CPU usage significantly but exiting scummvm is recommended when not in use.* N900 - reported by users says "package is corrupt" when installing from the app manager. dpkg -i works. UPDATE: Need to Maemo, a Debian based operating system verify this is still the case for handheld devicespackages offered on Packages on are built by the buildbot and don't have this issue.
== External links ==
* [ ScummVM Help forum]


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